shutterstock_129290474 (1)You are not alone!

One out of every four families has a child who struggles with sleep.

While sleep is an essential part of a child’s cognitive, emotional, and physical growth and development, contrary to popular belief, most babies are not born with the innate ability to sleep. Sleep is a learned skill, much like learning to ride a bike.

As parents, you can teach your children to sleep better, and Sleep Actually can help.  I founded Sleep Actually to educate, guide, support, and empower your family in your journey to achieve a better night’s rest.

Your journey towards a better night’s rest begins with a free phone consultation.

We’ll briefly discuss your sleep needs and I’ll provide you with more information regarding my services to determine which sleep coaching package is appropriate for you. Contact Carrie to schedule your free consultation.

Sleep Actually Coaching Packages

Comprehensive Sleep Coaching & Support $695 (one child), each additional child add $200

This is my most effective sleep consultation package.  In addition to meeting face-to-face for up to two hours, you will have up to three hours of supportive follow up calls.  We will review your child’s health and sleep history, I will provide age-appropriate sleep eduction, and we will cooperatively develop a personalized gentle sleep plan that respects your family’s parenting values.  Through the follow-up calls, emails and/or text communications, I will answer questions and help you be successful in your ongoing sleep coaching.

Personalized Sleep Plan $250

For families who have previously been through sleep coaching, and only require a sleep plan, this package may be a good fit.  This plan provides for an initial meeting for up to two hours, and a cooperatively developed sleep plan.  Families may elect to add personalized coaching follow up in order to support the implementation of the sleep plan.

Package of 4 additional follow-up calls- $125

For families looking for additional support following sleep coaching, beyond the support included in the package you’ve purchased.  This package includes approximately one hour of follow-up support time.