What families are saying…

“Working with Carrie has been a wonderful experience. My husband and I were skeptical about using a sleep coach, but after 3.5 years of fighting at bed time with our son we were at our wit’s end. Carrie listened to my son’s sleep history and worked with us to design a sleep plan. She was accessible throughout the entire process. Now our son follows our established bedtime routine and falls asleep on his own. It is amazing! He is finally getting a full night’s sleep and so are we! We can’t thank Carrie enough for her help and support.”
Colleen, mother of 3.5 year old

“Oliver’s sleeping is just night and day from where we were before. He’s consistently sleeping 11-12 uninterrupted hours a night and taking two consistent naps. I used to feel panicked whenever he would wake up in the night or skip a nap because I felt so out of control, now, if we get off schedule due to illness, teething or travel, I don’t worry because I now have the tools and knowledge to easily get him back on track. It’s such a freeing feeling. Thank you so much!”
Cathy, mother of 8 month old

“When we first met Carrie, we were sleep deprived and at our wits-ends with our 9-month old son who liked to get up every hour every night!  We were slightly skeptical that sleep coaching was going to work, but we were desperate and willing to try anything.  Enter Carrie.  She’s incredible because she didn’t just come up with some generic sleep plan that I could just download off the Internet and called it a day; she actually tried to come up with a plan that would work for us!  But, what really impressed us is that she truly wanted to help us and help our son; hence, the outside of the box suggestions as to how to deal with our son’s night wakings.  Results?  He’s putting himself to sleep every night and getting up only once to feed!  This is incredible!!!!  We wished that we met Carrie months ago!”
Tam, mother of 9 month old

“Carrie Dunn was our second attempt for a sleep coaching. At first we thought our 20 month old was too old to change her sleeping habits, but then we met Carrie, and her sleep coaching methods worked for us, because she adapted them to our needs and our comfort level. I was impressed by her care and multiple daily check ins. We spoke every morning to discuss the night, as well as received her recommendations for the day ahead concerning nap times and others. Other sleep coaches we worked with previously did not follow up, but gave us a write up of a schedule to follow and that is all.  Carrie is a sleep coach throughout, she is present every day, and you can call her or write her, she is there. This refreshed my focus on our goal every day. Her methods worked for our 20 month old quickly.  Carrie understood the toddler’s natural sleep rhythm. We recommend her because she solved the sleep issues we had, and was a pleasure to work with all around.”
Guilia, mother of 20 month old

 “I admit I was a little skeptical using a sleep coach at first.  As a mom of three, I figured there was not anything new Carrie could tell me to get my six month old to sleep through the night.  But, I knew I had to do something, because my husband and I could no longer function on little to no sleep.  Simply put, Carrie’s coaching exceeded all my expectations.  She was patient, flexible, and gave us all the support we needed.  Carrie effortlessly tailored a sleep plan that worked for my family’s busy schedule, and my daughter immediately began sleeping through the night and taking regularly scheduled naps.  Our home is a happier one now that everyone is sleeping!”
Jessica, mother of 6 month old

“Our then ten month old daughter was waking up once or twice a night (at least) for night feedings and/or for fun, which meant that she would be up for two to three hours in the middle of the night, while Mom and/or Dad were desperate to catch some sleep.  We were desperate to solve this issue.  Having Carrie was a blessing.  She established the rules and held us accountable for what we did during the training.  It was truly a coaching plan.  We were able to wean our daughter from her night feedings and she started to sleep through the night with ease.  The coaching and the methods (time checks and the Shuffle) were also incredibly helpful because our daughter had minor surgery and, later on, vaccinations.  This training helped us keep some sense of normalcy with her sleeping habits.  We are a very happy family now that everyone is getting better sleep.  We wish we had done this sooner.”
Carmen, mother of 10 month old

“Carrie was able to put together a plan that was easy to follow.  In every situation, she gave us a couple of options from which to choose so that we could make sure that we were following a plan we could stick with – which I believe makes all the difference.  Carrie was readily available when we needed to ask a question and was always knowledgeable.  I would highly recommend Carrie to anyone who is looking to sleep train their baby!”
Kate, mother of 5 month old

“Carrie was an absolute pleasure to work with. Her approach is gentle, collaborative, and kind. Carrie’s expertise as a sleep coach and as a parent were very helpful as we worked together as partners to develop and implement a sleep plan that worked for my son. The Gentle Sleep method is exactly what we needed. With Carrie’s help our son is sleeping through the night, taking great naps, and he’s stopped his very early morning rising. We are so grateful to Carrie for all she has done for our family!”
Lauren, mother of 2 year old

“I tried for a year and a half to get my son to sleep through the night and wake well rested. I read several books, countless blogs and articles, and spoke to lots of other moms about their own experiences. I tried sleep training on my own multiple times, and my son still had regular night wakings and woke up exhausted. I finally chalked it up to the fact that he was just a “bad sleeper”…that is until I finally contacted Carrie. She took the time to learn about my son’s history and my concerns. We sat down and together created goals for my son and developed a plan I was comfortable with. She touched on everything from the room environment to how I should respond to my son in the middle of the night. She provided daily feedback on my log, constantly made sure I was comfortable during the coaching process, and routinely reached out to see if I had questions. She seemed to genuinely care about my son and was invested in our success. She offered words of wisdom in a compassionate way without pushing an agenda or making me do something I felt uncomfortable with. A few days after starting Carrie’s plan my son was sleeping through the night and had enough energy to enjoy the day. Carrie gave me the tools I needed to ensure my son gets the rest he needs.”
Kelly, mother of 18 month old

“We can’t recommend Sleep Actually enough! We were concerned as our son was already 18 months old and would be starting sleep training at a later age than some families do but Carrie’s coaching proved effective! Our only regret is that we didn’t call Carrie months earlier! Our son went from waking up four times a night, boycotting naps at daycare daily, only napping on the weekends in the car, and being a tired little guy to a much happier, healthier child who sleeps though the night, takes a nearly 2-hour nap at daycare, and sleeps in his crib at home on the weekends like a champ. What a difference in quality of life this has made for our entire family, and most importantly, to his health! We are grateful for Carrie’s help.”
Ingrid, mother of 18 month old

“Carrie’s recommendations were easy to follow and logical. She spent a lot of time listening and thoroughly assessing the situation before helping me implement a gentle, yet effective plan. After sleep problems since birth, my 2 year old now sleeps solidly through the night. He is more alert during the day, and empowered by his involvement in our bedtime and morning routines. I just wish I had contacted Carrie sooner!”
Heather, mother of 2 year old

“Our son had never really been a great sleeper, however around the nine month mark he had completely reverted back to waking every 1-2 hours. We had tried several other sleep methods and nothing seemed to work. I had tons of reservations about what Carrie could offer that I hadn’t already tried. I am happy to say now after several weeks he is sleeping through the night and napping wonderfully. Even if we have the occasional wake up, we have a plan now how to handle those nights! I highly recommend Carrie’s services.”
Leslie, mother of 8 month old